Crisis and Emergency Communications

Are you facing an issue that may result in negative media coverage or affect the university's reputation?

Misinformation spreads rapidly online, and speculation quickly fills an information void. If you anticipate a controversy or find inaccurate information about your work, we can help you plan a communication strategy to get ahead of the issue.

The Crisis Communication Plan describes the protocols for an effective, timely response during and following a crisis. If you're asked for comment from the university about a sensitive or controversial issue, ask about the context of the inquiry and gather contact information.

Contact your supervisor and University Communications; the downloadable plan includes mobile contact information for the Vice President of Enrollment and University Communications as well as the Director of Media Relations.


Adam Torgerson, Media Relations

In case of a campus or regional emergency — such as those due to weather, natural disasters or fires — University Communications manages communications between the campus community and the public.

In an emergency, it's important to stay calm, avoid speculation and share accurate information. Please refer reporters to Media Relations in these situations. You can say:

"To ensure we provide the most accurate information, please contact Media Relations at 503-370-6274."

If Willamette closes due to weather conditions, information is available from these sources:

  • The upper right corner of the Willamette homepage
  • The university switchboard: 503-370-6300
  • A message sent through the university’s Emergency Alert System
  • An all-campus email