WU Green Dot

"No one has to do everything, everyone must do something"

The Green Dot program at Willamette University strives to create a campus environment where the following are norms within our community:

1) Violence (of any sort) won't be tolerated


2) Everyone must do their part.

Green Dot is built on the premise that in order to measurably reduce the perpetration of power-based personal violence, a cultural shift is necessary. In order to create a cultural shift, a critical mass of people will need to engage in a new behavior or set of behaviors that will make violence less sustainable within any given community. The "new behavior" is a green dot.

Based on social change theory, the Green Dot program utilizes specialized training and outreach opportunities to empower leaders in our community with the tools they need to be effective and confident bystanders, and to proactively reduce the likelihood the violence (like stalking, sexual assault, dating violence, etc.) could happen in the first place.

Green Dot Definition:

A green dot is any behavior, choice, word or attitude that promotes safety for everyone and communicates utter intolerance for sexual violence, partner violence and stalking.

Simply: Green Dot is your individual choice at any given moment to make our campus a safer place.