Health Concern

If a student’s behavior causes University staff to be concerned for the student’s or another person’s health, the University may require the student to meet with a staff member at the Bishop Wellness Center for discussion, evaluation or treatment. The University may also require a student to be evaluated or assessed off campus, at the student’s own expense, by a licensed provider (mental health counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, physician, or other health provider) approved by the Director of Counseling Services or Director of Health Services.

The purpose of the evaluation or assessment will be to aid the university in determining if:

  1. The student can return to campus without being an immediate threat to others.
  2. The student is able to adequately care for him/herself using the normal resources available to students at the University.
  3. The student is capable of functioning socially and academically without disruption to the community.

Upon completion of the evaluation or assessment the university will review the information to evaluate the options that are available, which may include restriction from campus. The student may request re-entry to campus. The student’s request must include written documentation of evaluation, certification by an approved provider, and a plan that would facilitate a successful return to academic and campus life.

It is advised that this plan be developed in consultation with the Director of Counseling Services and/or Director of Health Service and an academic advisor representing the appropriate college. The plan should include a description of specific goals, meetings, and supportive steps that the student will implement to demonstrably reduce the risk of repeating the behaviors or episodes. In order for the student to return, the plan must be reviewed and approved by the Director of Counseling and Health Services or designee. Re-entry would then require approval by the appropriate college Dean or Vice President.

Review may include, but is not limited to the following considerations:

  1. The quality and content of the evaluation.
  2. The adequacy and merit of the academic plan.
  3. As evidenced by the evaluation and academic plan, the student’s ability to return to campus and complete academic work.
  4. The ability to return without disruption to the campus community.
  5. Additional information necessary to the University to adequately respond to the student’s circumstances, or to the information contained in the evaluation or plan.