Interim Suspension

The Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students or designee may impose a university or housing Interim Suspension on a student prior to a Conduct Meeting or and Administrative Hearing. The Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students may suspend the registration of an organization prior to a conduct meeting or administrative hearing.

 A.   Interim suspension may be imposed only:

        1.  To ensure the safety and well-being of members of the university community or preservation of university property;

        2.  If the student or organization poses a definite threat of disruption or interference with the normal operations of the university; or

        3.  If a student or organization is criminally charged with an offense(s) of violence.

B.  During an interim suspension, a student may be denied access to a living unit and/or to the campus, including classes, and all other university activities or privileges for which the student might otherwise be eligible. An organization shall discontinue all activities during an interim suspension.

C.  An interim suspension takes effect immediately upon issuance. A student or organization will receive written notice of the Interim Suspension, including a description of the suspected misconduct. A hearing will take place within ten (10) days or such other time as may be specified in the notice of interim suspension of the student’s or the organization’s receipt of written notice of the interim suspension. The student or organization may within three (3) days of the imposition of the suspension, petition the Dean of Students for reinstatement.  The petition must be in writing and must include supporting documentation or evidence that the student or organization does not pose, or no longer poses, a significant risk of substantial harm to the health or safety of self, others or property.