Appeal Request Procedure of Administrative Hearings

Students found responsible for violating the Standards of Conduct may request one appeal of an administrative hearing outcome. Please see the Sexual Misconduct Resolution Procedures for Students (Appendix B) for specific information about the appeal request procedure for Sexual Misconduct cases. While an appeal is pending, the student found responsible must comply with the sanctions deemed necessary by the Director of Rights and Responsibilities.

A written request for an appeal must be completed directly by the student and sent by e-mail to The student requesting an appeal will have five business days from the notification of the hearing outcome to submit an appeal request. Appeal outcomes are final. There is no appeal of an appeal outcome by any party.

Appellate Body

The Vice President for Campus Life or designee will determine the most appropriate person/group to serve as the appellate body from the list below:

  • Vice President for Campus Life or designee
  • Director of Rights & Responsibilities (only an option if the director was not involved in the conduct conference or hearing)
  • Individual faculty, staff, or administrator trained to serve as an appeal administrator
  • Administrative panel of two or more faculty, staff or administrators trained to serve as an appeal panel
  • Student conduct boards trained to serve as appeal boards

Appeal Criteria

The grounds for appeal must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. A significant procedural error occurred that reasonably may have impacted the outcome.
  2. New information exists which was unavailable to the student submitting the appeal request at the time of the hearing and which would have likely affected the decision outcome. Deliberate omission of information by the appealing party is not sufficient grounds for appeal.
  3. The sanction is inappropriate or disproportionate given the details of the case and the student's prior conduct record.
Progression of an Appeal

The assigned appellate body will determine if one or more of the appeal criteria has been met. If none of the criteria has been met, the request for an appeal is denied and the determination of the administrative hearing is final.

If the request for an appeal is granted on the basis of new information, the matter may be referred back to the original hearing administrator(s) for reconsideration of the original determination or sanction.

If the request for an appeal is granted on the basis of inappropriate or disproportionate sanction, the appellate body may review the hearing record and appeal material for reconsideration of the sanction.

If the request for an appeal is granted on the basis of a significant procedural error, the appellate body shall determine the appeal process from the options below:

  1. Conduct a new hearing,
  2. Refer the matter to another administrator(s) or board to conduct a new hearing, or
  3. Revise the sanction (if the issue of responsibility is not in dispute).