Restricted Contact Orders

Any Willamette University student who feels unsafe around another university student who may have violated the Standards of Conduct may request a restricted contact order. To request a restricted contact order, contact Housing and Community Life (503-370-6212) or Campus Safety (503-370-6911). Campus Safety is available 24-hours a day; RAs are able to contact Professional Staff On-Call 24-hours a day if help is needed outside of business hours.

In cases involving students, Campus Life or Campus Safety will write and deliver the restricted contact notice. If a university employee is involved, Human Resources will be involved in the process. Once put in place, all restrictions apply equitably to both parties and are in effect until formally removed. While providing for reasonable access to campus resources and activities, restricted contact orders are intended to reduce the likelihood that the involved parties will have contact with each other.

There may be situations in which one or both of the parties are temporarily relocated into different residential facilities. These actions do not indicate a decision about a violation of the Standards of Conduct; rather, they are ways of limiting the interaction of the involved parties until the matter is formally resolved. Violating a restricted contact order is in itself a violation of the Standards of Conduct and will not be tolerated. Failure to abide by the restricted contact order is a serious violation and will be grounds for immediate action through a Rights and Responsibilities process.