Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality for those who use our services is protected.

  1. It is only with your written consent that information can be released to a particular person(s), e.g., parents, friends, professors, doctors, etc.
  2. Our staff consult with one another to insure quality service. This occurs only among the professional staff of the Counseling Services. Work-study students have no access to records and sign a confidentiality agreement as a condition of employment. Your record is NOT part of any other records at Willamette and, again, information can only be released with your consent.
  3. To provide the best quality of services to you, we use a team approach. Staff from Counseling, Disability, and Health Services may consult with each other regarding treatment concerns. These discussions are specific and limited. Please ask your counselor if you have any questions about this.
  4. Your confidentiality cannot be guaranteed if your record is subpoenaed in a court of law or in the event the counselor determines that you are a clear and imminent danger to yourself and others. In addition, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed if you disclose current sexually or physically abuse a child or an elderly person.

Notice of Privacy Practices