2016-2017 Community Service Fact Sheet

Service Hours

  • 77,655 total service hours were provided by the Willamette community
    • CLA Undergrad - 60,152
    • Course-based Service - 6,469
    • Graduate Schools -10,108
    • WU Faculty and Staff - 926

Community Organizations

  • 128 community organizations were impacted by the Willamette community
    • 72 community organizations in Salem
    • 24 community organizations in cities throughout Oregon (Portland, Stayton, etc. - not including Salem)
    • 32 community organizations in cities located throughout the United States


  • 13 service-learning classes
  • 282 students participating in service-learning classes/class components
  • 6,469 hours of service
  • 9 disciplines represented (Biology, Civic Communications & Media, Sociology. Anthropology, History, Politics, Business, Environmental Science, English Language/American Studies)

Willamette University 175 Day of Service

  • 11 service sites
  • 154 participants who volunteered on the campus-wide event (539 hours)
  • 70 total Alumni volunteers (including Salem) - 55 recorded at various chapters (LA, Portland, Seattle)
  • 245 Alumni hours
  • 33 students - Pow wow volunteers
  • 150 total Pow wow volunteer hours 
  • 935 total service hours

Some examples of Service Learning Initiatives by Willamette University Students during the 2016-2017 academic year:

Bush Elementary Tutoring and Mentoring Program

  • Bush Elementary School, a public school serving approximately 250 students, is a neighbor of Willamette University. With the loss of its after-school academic enrichment programs and Community Service Learning Coordinator in 2007, Bush Elementary School sought the assistance of Willamette University student volunteers to help tutor and mentor its students. The Tiger Club, the primary program of the Bush Elementary Mentoring and Tutoring Program, was established to provide tutoring through a structured curriculum to boost students' understanding and academic achievement.

JumpStart: Service, Learning, & Sustainability (SLS)

  • SLS is a pre-orientation program for new incoming students. This program provides students with the opportunity to engage in direct service in the Salem community while forming friendships with other incoming students. 

Take a Break (TaB) alternative spring break

  • Take a Break (TaB) is a student-led alternative break program that places small groups of Willamette University students, staff, and faculty in communities across America to engage in community service and experiential learning.

Into the Streets

  • Intro the Streets is Willamette University’s day of service on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Day. Hundreds of students, faculty, and staff provide service on this day to organizations throughout the Salem area.

Student Organizations

Best Buddies - Willamette University students form one-to-one friendships with their buddies, individuals in the community with developmental disabilities. Members participate in activities such as movies, kick-ball, and community service.

Burning Bright - Burning Bright provides a variety of opportunities to volunteer with children with serious illnesses such as service at the hospital, fundraisers, organizational events, and specialized camps. 

Environmental Community Outreach & Services (ECOS) - Through cooperative outreach to students, faculty, and alumni who are affiliated with various academic disciplines represented at Willamette University, ECOS aims to foster environmental awareness, continues environmental education, and environmental career opportunities. 

Sexual Assault Response Allies (SARA) - SARA provides a safe group of trained volunteers to which survivors of sexual assault and their allies can go to seek support, advocacy, and information. 

Zena Farm Club - The Zena Farm Club collaborates ideas and works on Zena Forest and Farm. In 2008, the university purchased this land, entering a conservation easement which protects the property from development, promotes conservation efforts, and supports sustainable forestry. 

Food Recovery Network (FRN) - It is the mission of the FRN at Willamette to fight food waste and hunger in the Willamette Valley by recovering surplus perishable food from our campus and donating it to people in need in our community monthly group activities. 

Colleges Against Cancer: Willamette Chapter - Colleges Against Cancer gives students the opportunity to combat cancer on their campus while uniting with other chapters nationwide. Students can make an impact nationwide, as well as within the Salem community. 

Willamette Emergency Medical Services (WEMS) - WEMS is a professionally licensed EMS agency in the State of Oregon, providing Basic Life Support (BLS) to students, faculty, staff, and guests of the Willamette community.