Why Service-Learning at Willamette?

Service-learning is a method of teaching based on the principle that community involvement is an invaluable component to a student's educational experience.

The Service-Learning Program at Willamette University was first created in 1993. Since then, the service-learning has been an inevitable part of student life at Willamette with the following points.

Have a positive change in society 

The service-learning improves the wellness of the Salem and other communities. A healthy collaboration between community partners, Willamette faculty, and university students to tackle specific social issues in the surrounding society through service-learning can be a mutually meaningful and beneficial experience.


Enhance a Strong Connection Between Academics and Society

Service-learning involves collaboration between students, faculty, staff, and community partners. Through experiential learning, students are able to apply classroom theories to their service experiences.


Experience Locally, Act Glocally

Service-learning helps students gain a sense of civic responsibility by engaging in the local community, provides practical application of classwork, and enhances their educational experiences. This experience is even more applicable wherever you go in the future.