Service-Learning Designated Courses

Passionate about serving your community? Willamette University offers a variety of courses that incorporate opportunities to engage! The following courses have been Service-Learning designated, meaning they meet Willamette's quality standards for effectiveness in incorporating service into the curriculum. Please check with the faculty member listed in the course catalog to ensure the service-learning component is being included this semester.

CCM 103 Designing Media (1)

Course Description: Project-based course focused on the design of civic media. Provides community service learning opportunities for students interested in working with local organizations to address communication challenges. Considers the reciprocal relationship between media and public culture; examines participatory media technologies and practices; covers stages of project ideation, design, implementation, testing, and evaluation.

CCM 260W Media and the Environment (1)

Course Description: Journalists, government officials, corporate and environmental advocacy group representatives, small business owners, and concerned community members, among others, create and respond to different media about “the environment.” However, what this term signifies and the stakes for engaging in sustainable practices often are ambiguous and contested. This course requires students to engage this challenge in class discussions, readings, essay writing, community activities, and multi-media presentations that will directly impact the Willamette Valley community.

Service Description:The course asks students to partner with community groups to practice applying course concepts and the university’s commitment to advancing social change and justice. This engagement relies on project-based service learning. Students will partner with local news media, advocacy organizations, and other groups to examine questions, challenges, and interventions that shape and are shaped by “media and the environment.”

PSYC 321 (US) Psychology for Sustainability (1)

Course Description: Environmental degradation (resource overconsumption, pollution, climate change) is the most pressing problem confronting contemporary society—without a livable planet, humans, like other animals, cannot survive. Because human behavior is at the root of the problem, Psychology, the science of behavior, offers important insights for understanding and changing unsustainable individual and social systems. No background in either Psychology or Environmental Science/Studies is assumed. A service learning component is required.

SPAN 331: Spanish Composition/Discussion (1)

(As taught by Professor Patricia Varas)

Course Description: Oral and written compositions based on readings of texts emphasizing Spanish culture and literary vocabulary needed in more advanced letters courses. Exercises in syntax and introductory phonetics. Conducted in Spanish.

Service Description: Students will serve as tutors to Latin@ youth in the Salem Keizer School District for approximately two hours a week. Through these tutoring sessions, students will apply the linguistic and cultural knowledge gained in class while at the same time contributing to the needs of the community and the development of students’ abilities related to critical thinking, cultural knowledge, and civic engagement.