Language in Motion

What is Language in Motion?

Language in Motion is a volunteer program for study abroad returnees, international students and language assistants to create language and culture activities for presentations in public school classrooms in the Salem-Keizer community. It is a fantastic way to interact with the local community and share knowledge of a different language or culture with school-aged children. When possible we try to pair a study abroad returnee from a country/region with an international student from that country/region.

Guest Presenters will:

  • Share language and culture with local students and teachers
  • Meet and collaborate with other members of the WU community who share similar interests
  • Interact with local elementary, middle and high school students and teachers
  • Get great teaching and presentation experience
  • Affect the lives of children in this community

Language in Motion offers its volunteers support and assistance throughout the preparation and presentation process. 

LiM Information Sessions

For more information, please contact a coordinator at