Presentation Ideas

Country Language Possible Topics
Argentina Spanish dance
Australia English environment
Austria German history
Bangladesh English politics
Belgium Dutch/English art
Brazil Portuguese indigenous groups
British Virgin Islands English tropical environment
Canada English immigration
Chile Spanish environmental diversity
China Chinese economics
Columbia Spanish government
Czech Republic Czech independence
Denmark Danish global warming
Ecuador Spanish housing
Estonia Russian geography
Finland English women's rights
France French health care
Germany German education access
Greece English transportation
Honduras Spanish government unrest
Ireland English music
Italy Italian cuisine
Japan Japanese calligraphy
Kosovo Russian art
Latvia Russian social responsibility
Malta English education
Mexico Spanish volunteering
Moldova Russian clothing
Morocco French/Arabic migration
Nepal Nepali tourism
Netherlands Dutch self-image
New Zealand English indigenous groups
Nicaragua Spanish social justice
Nigeria English leadership
North Ireland English individuals vs. state
Pakistan English reconstruction
Peru Spanish indigenous history
Philippines English identity
Puerto Rico Spanish festivals
Romania Romanian gender roles
Russia Russian lifestyle
Saudi Arabia Arabic royalty
South Africa English socio-economics
Spain Spanish bull fighting
Sweden Swedish government taxes
Switzerland English language diversity
Taiwan English independence
Thailand English natural disasters
Ukraine Russian colors
United Kingdom English architecture
Vietnam Vietnamese history of war
Yemen Arabic imports and exports

This information will be updated frequently, as this list is not complete. If you have a specific culture or area of interest, we may be able to contact students who are not on this list to come to your classroom for LiM presentations.

Please email the coordinator Nomi Pearce at if you would like to participate in one or more of these presentations. If you want to participate, and can't find something that works for you, please call (503) 370-6566 to try to arrange a presentation.