Spanish Resources for Teachers

These resources have been gathered through the collective effort of international students and study-abroad returnees.They are a what international students have used in their daily lives and items that study abroad students remember from their times abroad.

  1. Diversity of Culture
  2. Cultural Media
  3. Language & Tools
  4. Contributors
  5. Works Cited & Feedback

1. Diversity of Culture

Indigenous Culture:
tags: Ecuadorian ethnicities, Ecuadorian cultures, current topics, civil rights
tags: Ecuadorian ethnicities, Ecuadorian cultures, current topics

Cultures of Spain:
tags: Spanish language, Spanish culture, Arabic culture in Spain
tags: Spanish culture, Andalucian culture, gastronomy, fashion, personal narratives, festivals
tags: Jewish history in Spain, Spanish history, Spanish culture
tags: Spanish culture, personal narratives, Gypsy culture, English/Spanish version
tags: History of the Gypsies in Spain, Spanish history, high school project
tags: Spanish culture, Catholic Culture, Semana Santa, Festivals
tags: Spain, Barcelona, modern architecture, modern attractions
Basque Language (Euskadi)
tags: Spanish, Basque Country, Diversity in Spain, languages of Spain, modern topics in Spain, preserving language, identities in Spain
tags: Spain, culture, immigration, diversity in Spain, current topics in Spain

2. Cultural Media

tags: Ecuadorian music, Spanish language music, audio practice
A popular radio station in Ecuador that has a variety of programs and can be sometimes critical of the government.
tags: Spanish language music, audio practice, Ecuadorian music, talk radio, politics, political criticism, Ecuador, live stream
*Please approve for appropriateness of language
tags: humor, Spain, Andalucía, Granada, dialects, parody, audio practice

tags: online news
tags: general news
tags: current events, daily news, Ecuador, audio practice, reading comprehension

tags: Spanish artist, Salvador Dali, fine arts, visual arts, public art, surrealism, Walt Disney
*Special thanks to Leo Aguilar-Weaver and Monique Aguilar-Weaver.
tags: animation

tags: marketing, innovative advertising, social issues, child abuse, Spain, topics in Spain, conversation starters

3. Language & Tools

Part of the site, this focuses on developmental lessons from basic to advanced.
tags: grammar, lesson planning
A website that allows you type accents and characters without a Spanish keyboard, then cut and paste into documents.
tags: accents and characters, technology
This is a Granada ‘translator’ where you type any phrase in spanish and it gives you what someone from Granada would say; it’s a joke that they speak badly/slightly differently/don’t pronounce words
tags: Dialects, Andalucia, Granada, Spanish language, humor
Alist of Spanish words derived from Arabic
tags: culture, Spanish language
Educational series, “Mi vida loca” has been produced by the BBC to help beginners learn useful Spanish vocabulary.
tags: Spanish, Spain, tv series, web series, beginner Spanish, audio practice

4. Contributors


I am a American Ethnic Studies major at Willamette University. As a native Spanish and English speaker, I hope to use Spanish while working with students and families who may only speak Spanish.


My name is Emmanuela and I am from Ecuador. I was an exchange student at Willamette University for a year and I am an Art History major. The following resources depict a little piece of my country from my perspective, in terms of culture and art.


I had an amazing time studying in Granada, Spain in the fall semester of my junior year. Being a native Spanish speaker, I will always be using Spanish in my everyday life. However, after graduation I want to work with a non-profit that serves youth of color and their families and I know that my Spanish skills will be a great asset when communicating with families that only speak Spanish.


I studied in Spain for 6 months, which was a great experience and I strongly recommend studying abroad. My goal is to go to graduate school to become a pediatric nurse practitioner and continue to use my Spanish skills in the medical field helping patients.

5. Works Cited & Feedback

If you have additional resources you would like to share, or feedback on the resources we have provided, please email