Teacher FAQs

  1. What is Language in Motion?
  2. How do I arrange for a presenter to visit my classroom?
  3. What if I still have questions?

1. What is Language in Motion?

Students of a LiM presentation at Parrish Middle SchoolLanguage in Motion (LiM) aims to enrich Salem-Keizer classrooms through presentations and lessons on other countries, cultures, and languages. The program involves Willamette University's international and returned study abroad students who volunteer in classrooms. Whenever possible, the volunteers will work in pairs to create lessons on culture and language and present them to youth in the public schools. 

LiM and Teachers

A LiM presentation in your class can revitalize and re-energize your classroom. We encourage presenters to use multiple teaching strategies like visual aids and props, hands-on activities, and interactive discussion. The variety of learning techniques brings the LiM experience to life for your students.

LiM is important because it increases your students' interest in studying languages and cultures. LiM presentations open minds and expand global thinking. Using LiM as an opportunity to expose the students in your classroom to linguistic and cultural differences help to cultivate respect for people of all different backgrounds. We encourage you to invite our students to share their knowledge and experiences with your students.

Sample Presentations from Recent Classrooms

  • Grimm Fairy Tales in German class
  • Dominican Republic: History and Culture in Dual-Language Social Studies
  • Japanese Seasonal Festivals and Food in Middle School Humanities class
  • Educational Journey from high school to College in AVID junior class

2. How do I arrange for a presenter to visit my classroom?

 Presenter Form

Use the presenter form above to send us details regarding the place, time, date, grade level, class subject, and topics that you would like to cover. You can email a coordinator at limprogram@willamette.edu for more information and to coordinate presentations by Willamette University students.

Our commitment to you: We make every effort to fulfill your presentation requests. Sometimes we can fulfill last minute request, but generally we are working 2-3 (or more!) weeks out. We will respect your classroom times and ensure that presenters are prepared and aware of their responsibilities. If we are not able to meet your needs, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Your commitment to us: We ask that you provide clear expectations about topics, class times, country/region/language interests, and any additional information. We ask that you prepare your students for the presentation with any pertinent background information, help them formulate questions for the presenters, and set guest speaker expectations. We also rely on you, the host teacher, to manage the classroom environment during our visit since we are not familiar with your students and your “normal” routine.

3. What if I still have questions?

If you have more questions or concerns, please contact a coordinator at limprogram@willamette.edu or call (503) 370-6463.