Service Project Funding

Whether serving locally or abroad, funding opportunities can help make your project a success!

Outreach Grants

Do you want to make a difference in the community? An Outreach Grant can help! Outreach grants provide students the opportunity to receive up to $300 to connect students with service opportunities and assist them in enriching the meaning of the experience through reflection. Funding assistance can include: transportation, supplies (paint, trash bags, kids' books, etc.), copying and publicity, and snacks for volunteers during the service experience.

For more information on Outreach Grants, and to learn how to apply, visit the Career Center's Outreach Grant page!

AllPeopleBeHappy Volunteer Award (For International Service)

The AllPeopleBeHappy Volunteer Service Award enables volunteers to do service projects in the developing world. These Volunteer Service Awards enable impassioned young people to give of their time and talents while expanding their understanding of people and communities living in poverty.

For more information about the AllPeopleBeHappy Volunteer Service Award, including project guidelines and funding amounts, please visit the All People Be Happy Web site. If you need assistance while applying for this award, the CSL Office would be happy to assist you! Simply email and we can be sure to get you started!