Oregon College Mentors

Oregon College Mentors LogoOregon College Mentors is a program that prepares Willamette students to serve as mentors in high school classrooms and study halls throughout the Salem area. After receiving training, Willamette students then have the opportunity to serve in after school or Saturday school settings to provide academic, personal, and extracurricular support to Salem-area high school students. Since its inception in 2008, the program has expanded to serve a total of 9 high schools and alternative high schools in the Salem Keizer School District. Approximately 500 Willamette students have provided over 3200 hours of volunteer service as class room mentors, study hall tutors, one on one mentors, and athletic mentors, and the program continues to grow!

Oregon College Mentors aims to:

  • connect college students with High School students to serve as positive influences,
  • develop healthy and mutually beneficial relationships,
  • provide academic support,
  • increase the students of South Salem knowledge and desire to set/achieve post-graduate goals and dreams

Please visit the Oregon College Mentors homepage for more details regarding OCM mentoring opportunities, or to apply today!

Current Mentoring Opportunities

Check out the following volunteer opportunities available through the South Salem High School - Willamette University Tutoring and Mentoring Program. Check "Get More Info" for each volunteer opportunity if you want more information or "Sign Me Up" if you are ready to begin once your background check and application have been submitted. Please submit your name and email address and we will get back to you.

South Salem High School is located at 1910 Church St. SE Salem, OR. 97302. Approx. 2 blocks South of Bush Park.

Athletics Study Hall (Mr. Plank Room 234)
Volunteer 1 day a week or more for Athletics Study Hall which is a 30-minute lunch time study hall for athletes who have struggled or who are struggling with academics and are in danger of being ineligible. You do not need to be an athlete to help in this class. Looking for positive influences to check on kids' academic study and work habits while in study hall.
Tutorial Center Mentor (Mr. Plank and Mrs. McFarland)

Drop-in Classroom where students come to get help throughout the day. Mostly study skill help needed. Classroom is open M-F 9am-330pm to assist students who drop in and need help. There is a full time teacher in the classroom. Willamette students serve as help in the classroom and can set up appointments with students to meet again for future help.

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