Join Us to Lead Through Service-Learning!

Calling all students!

The Office of Community Service Learning is looking for motivated individuals to assist with the development and implementation of service-learning courses at Willamette. Service-learning is a classroom approach that combines academic study with real-world community service to apply and enrich students’ classroom experience, providing skills that students can apply personally and professionally even beyond graduation.

What do Service Learning Assistants Do?

Service-Learning Assistants will be paired with a service-learning faculty member based on their interests and experience to assist with the planning and day-to-day functions of the service-learning course. Training in service-learning theory and best practices will be provided to students, in addition to a variety of online resources for classroom implementation.

As part of their role, and with the guidance of their faculty member, Service-Learning Assistants may:

  • introduce concepts of service-learning to students;
  • lead service-learning in-class and on-site orientations;
  • attend relevant sessions of the service-learning course;
  • assist with the coordination of student placements;
  • provide ongoing problem-solving support for student peers (e.g., office hours, one-on-ones, on-call availability, on-site interactions, etc.);
  • distribute and collect relevant service learning course-documents (contracts, background checks, time sheets, etc.);
  • facilitate in-class or on-site reflection activities;
  • analyze community partner, student, and faculty evaluations; and
  • develop sustainability materials for faculty.

In the past, Service-Learning Assistants have:

  • assisted Rhetoric students in the development of media campaigns for local non-profits
  • coordinated with local schools to ensure student volunteer experiences were adequately supported
  • held office hours to meet 1-1 with Education students and carry out reflection in regards to student volunteer opportunities

What kind of commitment is there?

Schedules for Service-Learning Assistants are flexible, and depending on the course (and upon prior agreement), the SLA may serve an average of 3-8 hours a week in service to the class. Service-Learning Assistants are asked to maintain availability in the schedules during the service-learning course, to be able to attend as needed.

There will be an initial training for Service-Learning Assistants during the semester prior their service. The time and date for this training will be determined in collaboration with the SLA. In addition, throughout the relevant semester, meeting times will be arranged between the SLA and the Office of Community Service Learning to ensure that the SLA is adequately supported in their role.

How are SLA’s Compensated?

Compensation for Service-Learning Assistants can include Work-Study funding (if eligible), a cash stipend, or internship credit (Independent Study or for a department of your choice). Upon successful completion of their role, there will also be professional benefits, ranging from skills that can be listed on a resume, to faculty or other professional letters of reference.

Can the SLA position be suited to meet my own professional or personal interests?

The Service-Learning Assistant position is intended to provide professional and personal development opportunities to students, and we welcome feedback from students in order to ensure an opportunity is developed that meets the interests and needs of the Service-Learning Assistant throughout the semester.

Interested in applying?
Student applications can be found on Willamette’s Handshake job board.

Questions regarding the SLA position?
Please contact the Office of Community Service Learning at