Students In Service

The Students in Service program is a part-time AmeriCorps program that encourages and supports college and university students to enroll as part-time AmeriCorps members to provide valuable service in their communities. Students in Service members make a difference in their communities, gain valuable civic and workforce skills, and upon completion of their term of service, earn an education award. By participating in the Students in Service program, the member becomes a part of the AmeriCorps national service network that improves lives and strengthens communities throughout the United States of America.

The Students in Service program offers each student member the opportunity to choose one of three terms of service (essentially, the number of hours s/he agrees to serve). Upon successful completion of a term of service, members are eligible to receive an education award (scholarship), which can be applied towards outstanding federal student loans or the cost of attendance at a college or university.

The Education Award amount varies, depending on the term of service:

  • 300 Hour Term of Service = $ 1,175.00 Education Award (2011-2012 scholarship)
  • 450 Hour Term of Service = $ 1,468.00 Education Award (2011-2012 scholarship)
  • 900 Hour Term of Service = $ 2,775.00 Education Award (2011-2012 scholarship)

For more information on the Students in Service program, please visit or contact Amy Green at