Mobility on Campus

Founded in 1842, there are inaccessible buildings on campus. When facilities are newly built or undergone major renovations, designs are such that allows for accessibility. If there is a specific barrier, contact the Accessible Education Services (formerly Disability Services) office. Accessible Education Services (formerly Disability Services)and Facilities Management will consider the feasibility of requests for change or will develop an accommodation to meet the need. When it is a classroom, the particular class will be relocated. Currently, inaccessible classrooms for CLA are Fine Arts East and Fine Arts West. The remainder of the classrooms in all colleges are accessible.

Currently, mobility accessible rooms are available on the first floor of Belknap Hall, Shepard House, Terra House, Lausanne Hall, Kaneko Commons, Wish House, and the first six floors of the University Apartments. All of the sororities are accessible on the first floor only. Lounges and bathrooms on those floors are also accessible. Laundry facilities are not accessible in all of these residences but a general campus laundry facility is available in Montag Center.

Section 504 of Part 2. Title 34 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, section 104.44[2](d) states specifically, “Recipients (post secondary education programs that receive or benefit from Federal financial assistance) need not provide attendants, individually prescribed devices, readers for personal use or study, or other devices or services of a personal nature.” Willamette University’s position is that personal needs necessitating an attendant are the responsibility of the student.

An Emergency Evacuation Procedure for individuals with mobility impairment is in the Selected Policies Manual - Fire Alarm Response.