Temporary Medical Disability

Temporary impairments, such as a broken leg or the flu, or issues requiring short term treatment or hospitalization are not commonly regarded as disabilities, as only in rare circumstances would the degree of the limitation and its expected duration be substantial. Accessible Education Services (formerly Disability Services) encourages students experiencing any temporary illness or injury that will result in missed classes, exams, or assignments to contact their professors directly as soon as possible to discuss the need for academic assistance.

A student with a temporary medical condition, other than as described above, that is expected to substantially limit a major life function might qualify for a Temporary Medical Disability. For example, we encourage all students who have experienced a recent concussion to make an appointment with Accessible Education Services (formerly Disability Services) as soon as is practical to assess the need for short term services. All students with a qualifying temporary illness or injury are required to have appropriate documentation of the injury or illness on file in the Accessible Education Services (formerly Disability Services) office.

Here is a list of services that may be available to assist you while you recuperate, regardless of whether or not you qualify for a Temporary Medical Disability:

Campus Safety Transportation

Students experiencing any type of mobility problem are welcome to contact Campus Safety at (503) 370-6911 regarding on-campus transportation options. In Medical Emergencies, Campus Safety Officers are available to transport students (and a friend or helper) with non-life threatening illnesses/injuries to and from Urgent Care or Salem Hospital, help them into the building, and assist with sign-in. Transportation may also be available to a nearby orthopedic clinic for scheduled appointments. Students are encouraged to request Safety Escorts for travel after dark on campus and up to two blocks off campus. For mobility impairment parking concerns, please refer to Campus Safety’s website.


On a space available basis, students with a temporary mobility impairment may be reassigned to a lower floor of their residence or moved to a different building, if applicable. Contact Residential Services in the Service Center (housing@willamette.edu or 503-370-6880).

Bon Appetit

Take out lunches and dinners are available by request. Meals can consist of entree and sides or soup or broth, depending upon your preference and needs. Please provide your full name, the time you want to pick up your meal, and your meal choice via email to the staff listed below. If you need to send someone else to pick up your meal, be sure to identify that person in your email and send your student ID if you have a meal plan or payment.

Chris Linn


Dragon Naturally Speaking is an acclaimed speech recognition program. It converts speech to text allowing you to navigate your computer and create documents without the use of a keyboard. It may be available for temporary use through Disability Services.

One-Hand Typing another alternative for students. It is a program based on pre-established muscle memory and allows students to improve their productivity from an injury or other setback.