The Facilities Department is responsible for the daily operations, maintenance and upkeep of approximately 1.4 million square feet of academic, residential, administrative and off campus properties situated on approximately 60 acres with all the associated utilities and infrastructure. Facilities Management and staff are committed to providing a safe, clean and functional campus. Facilities plays a vital role in support of the University's Strategic Plan.


  • Support the University's Strategic Plan.
  • Provide a campus that is functional, safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing for all.
  • Supply professional quality workmanship on all campus buildings and grounds in a cost effective and sustainable manner.
  • Respond to the University's needs in a timely fashion with as little disruption to the campus routine as possible.
  • Project a professional and friendly demeanor while providing service to all on campus and the community.
  • Embrace new technology and energy conservation measures to provide highly efficient, cost effective and sustainable practice operations on campus.
  • Promote interaction with students, faculty, and staff to review and discuss more efficient ways to improve our mission goals.


  • Daily operations, maintenance, custodial and facilities support of all academic, residential, and other associated campus buildings, grounds, venues and utility infrastructure.
  • Oversight of all utility invoicing
  • Managing contracted services and regulatory agency licensing under the Facilities Department
  • Campus key distribution and management
  • Recycling and waste operations and management
  • Support services for Events and Summer Conferences
  • Pest control management
  • Implementation of energy/water conservation measures to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability