Facilities Maintenance is a team of professional managers and skilled trades workers. We are responsible for the daily operations, maintenance and upkeep of approximately 1.4 million square feet of academic and residential buildings, off campus properties and their associated infrastructures and utilities.

Facilities Maintenance plays a vital role in the ability of the University to fulfill its mission by:

  • Providing a campus that is safe, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and an attractive place to learn, live, work and enjoy.
  • Providing professional quality workmanship for campus buildings, equipment, and infrastructure in a cost effective manner.
  • Responding to University needs in a timely fashion without disrupting the primary functions of the campus.
  • Projecting a professional and friendly appearance to the campus community.
  • Embracing new technology and energy conservation in the choices of new equipment and departmental operation.
  • Encouraging the advancement and development of our staff through continued education, technical training and professional licensing.
  • Image of Gary Grimm

    Gary Grimm

    Director of Facilities Management
    University Services Building
  • Image of Jim Ames

    Jim Ames

    Fire Life Safety Technician
  • Image of Jeff Bolliger

    Jeff Bolliger

  • Image of Frank Brown

    Frank Brown

  • Image of Sam Carlos

    Sam Carlos

  • Image of Andy Elkins

    Andy Elkins

    Maintenance Repair Worker II
  • Image of Brian Gaskin

    Brian Gaskin

  • Image of Cory Gehring

    Cory Gehring

    Lead Boiler Operator
  • Image of Jack Grover

    Jack Grover

    Maintenance Repair Worker II
  • Image of Greg Gonzales

    Greg Gonzales

  • Image of Paul Jenness

    Paul Jenness

    Controls/Energy Management System Technician
  • Image of Dave Knottingham

    Dave Knottingham

    Maintenance Refrigeration Mechanic
  • Image of Randy Williams

    Randy Williams

    Maintenance Repair Worker 1
  • Image of Mike Posey

    Mike Posey

    Residential Facilities Maintenance Coordinator
  • Image of Gary Propp

    Gary Propp

  • Image of Leonard Snodgrass

    Leonard Snodgrass

    Maintenance Repair II/LME
  • Image of Ed Ulshafer

    Ed Ulshafer

  • Image of Ira Walls

    Ira Walls

    Maintenance Repair Worker II
  • Image of Pat King

    Pat King