Motor Pool Policy

I. General

A. The Willamette University Motor Pool consists of six 12 passenger vans. All matters involving university and local rental vehicles are handled through the Facilities Management Office.

B. University vehicles, and vehicles rented through the Facilities Management Office, may only be used for official school functions. They are for transporting passengers. They are not to be used for heavy-duty hauling. University vehicles will not be allowed to travel on unpaved or excessively narrow roads. Van trips over four hours must have two qualified drivers.

II. Driver Qualifications

In order to operate a University vehicle, and meet university insurance requirements, the followings must be met:

A. Be a current Willamette University employee or student

B. Have passed the “Safe Driver Program” available on line through Campus Safety. driver/

C. Posses a driving record that meets Willamette’s requirements (monitored by Campus Safety)

D. Be at least 18 years of age

E. Possess a valid U.S. driver’s license with a minimum of two years driving experience.

III. Driver Responsibilities

A. To operate the vehicle in a safe manner, observing all city and state laws.

B. Groups are not permitted to travel or return to campus after 1:00AM without prior approval of the department head (i.e., Director of Student Activities, Director of Athletics, etc.).

C. Drivers will not use a cell phone or text message while driving. If necessary, pull over to a safe spot off the road.

D. The use of tobacco products, alcohol, or illegal drugs is prohibited in the vehicles. The driver may not operate the vehicle for a minimum of 12 hours after consuming any substance which may impair his/her driving ability or effect the driver’s judgment.

E. Vehicle load capacities must not be exceeded. ( this includes number of passengers, cargo weight, or any combination thereof)

F. On long trips (overnight), the driver will check, or have checked by a qualified individual, fluid levels, tire pressure, exterior lights.

G. Seat belts will be worn at all times by driver and all passengers while the vehicle is in motion. This is required by state law.

H. No mounting rack devices of any type will be allowed on top, in the front or on the back of the vehicle. In addition no towing is permitted without prior approval by Facility Management Staff.

I. The driver will ensure that all interior/exterior lights are turned off and all doors and windows are locked when the van is parked. Van must be parked in a secure and safe spot.

J. The driver will record beginning/ending odometer readings on the blue Reservation Confirmation Form. (included in the packet)

K. Fines resulting from traffic or parking violations will be the responsibility of the driver.

L. Return vehicle in a clean and presentable condition. Garbage and personal belongings must be removed from the vehicle.

M. Driver is responsible to ensure that the vehicle is used only for University business. Drivers shall not pick up or transport family members, hitchhikers, friends, or any other person not on official University business.

N. It is the driver’s responsibility to refrain from driving during hazardous conditions. This includes but is not limited to fog, heavy rain, snow or ice conditions. Tire chains are available for winter trips.

O. Accidents must be promptly reported to civil authorities and Willamette University Campus Safety (accident report packet/first-aid kit are provided in vehicle).

P. Drivers shall not operate a vehicle that they suspect is not functioning properly. In the case that the vehicle is not functioning properly, the vehicle will be parked until appropriate arrangements are made and the vehicle can be operated safely.

IV. Procedures

A. Reservations

1. Academic and Athletic related functions are considered priority when scheduling University vehicles.

2. Reservations for University vehicles are based on availability and must be made in writing with the Facilities Management Office by submitting a “Vehicle Reservation Request Form”. University vehicles are reserved on first-come, first-served basis. During periods when all university vehicles are in use, the Facilities Management Office will procure rental vehicles. Drivers must meet the rental agency’s age requirement to operate vehicles.

3. 1st Semester van reservations can be submitted beginning April 1st.

4. 2nd Semester van reservations can be submitted beginning November 1st.

5. During periods when rental vans are needed, the Facilities Management Office will review van schedules and assign, or reassign university vans as necessary based on what is most cost effective for the university.

6. Reservations are made using a university account number. No cash or checks are accepted.

Note: If an organization is the first to reserve University van(s) but is reassigned rental vans that are more expensive, the Facilities Management Office can decide to pass on the difference in cost to the organization that received the University vans.

B. Trip Information Form

1. A “Trip Information Form” is required whenever a student(s) are involved in a trip.

2. The "Trip Information Form" must be submitted to Campus Safety and approved prior to the vehicle(s) leaving campus. Keys to vehicles cannot be issued until Campus Safety has received and signed the Trip Form.

C. Cancellations

1. Cancellation of a van or rental reservation must be made two working days prior to reservation. A late cancellation may result in a charge equal to the daily rental rate.

D. Picking up Vehicles

1. Willamette University vans

a. Pick up packet(s) with vehicle keys, and gasoline credit cards at the Facilities Management Office during regular working hours. Hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. (summer 7:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.). In the event of a weekend/holiday you must pick up these items on the last working day prior to departure. Vehicles may not be picked up prior to actual departure time.

2. Rental Vehicles

b. Pick up packet(s) containing gasoline credit cards and vehicle insurance card at the Facilities Management Office during regular working hours. Hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. (summer 7:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m.). In the event of a weekend/holiday you must pick up the packet on the last working day prior to departure. Contact the Facilities Management Office for vehicle pick up times and operating hours for rental companies.

E. Return of Vehicles

1. Willamette Vans

a. When reservation has ended, return the vehicle(s) to its designated parking space.

b. Return van packet(s) with contents to the Facilities Management Office following the completion of the trip.

c. Gas cards are for university motor pool activity ONLY. They may not be used for personal vehicles.

d. Vehicle must be left in a clean and presentable condition for the next user.

e. Gas tank must be filled on returned vehicles following completion of trip.

2. Off-Campus Rentals(ie.. Enterprise, Withnell)

a. Fill the gas tank to the same level at the time of the vehicle pick up.

b. When reservation has ended, return the vehicle to the rental agency as per the agency’s instructions.

c. Return van packet(s) with all contents Facilities Management Office. This includes gas cards, gas receipts, and copy of off-campus rental agreement.

d. Rental vehicle must be left in a clean presentable condition when returned.

Note: Damage or abuse to University vehicles/rentals that is due to the negligence of the vehicle renter(s), may result in loss of privileges for future use of vehicles from the University Motor Pool. Repair charges will be forwarded to the renting department.

V. Billing Procedure

A. Upon completion of trip, charges will be computed.

B. Departments will be charged through monthly journal entries from the Facilities Management Office. (No cash transactions.)

C. Any discrepancies must be resolved with the Facilities Management Office as soon as possible

VI. Definitions

A. Vehicle Reservation Request Form

This form is used to reserve a vehicle. It is a three part NCR form. (The blue page on this 3-part form acts as the Reservation Confirmation Form.) It must be submitted to the Facilities Management Office before a reservation can be confirmed.

B. Trip Information Form

Campus Safety requires this form be completed for insurance purposes. The form must be completed and submitted to Campus Safety before a vehicle leaves the campus. Destination and passenger names are recorded on this form. This form can be obtained on the Willamette University Web site pool, at the Facilities Management, or Campus Safety Offices.

C. Reservation Confirmation Form (blue form)

The Facilities Management Office initiates the first part of the form. The Facilities Management Office records gas credit card information, driver’s name, van and key number. The van’s user completes the second part by recording, starting and ending mileage, and the van safety checklist. Driver can record information about the trip on this form.

D. Safe Driver Program

Willamette University is committed to encouraging and supporting students in learning and using safe driving skills. Completion of the applicable portion of Willamette's Safe Driver Program is required for each student who will be transporting students, either by University van or by private vehicle. This program is through Campus Safety.

E. Packet

A vinyl envelope that is issued to the van renter. It is issued at or near the time the van is picked up. When utilizing a University vehicle the packet contains a van key, gas credit cards, pen, Reservation Confirmation Form, emergency and insurance information. When utilizing a rental, the packet will contain a Reservation Confirmation Form, gas credit cards, pen, emergency and insurance information, as well as the rental agencies form.