Recycling Support

Campus Recycle was founded in the 1990's. Willamette University started with academic offices and expanded to residential buildings. Essentially, there was no dedicated equipment, very few recycling sites on campus, and very few commodities accepted. Today we accept all commodities that are accepted through the Oregon Transfer Station. Please see Acceptable and Unacceptable Materials for Recycling.

Trash Removal Services have existed as long as Willamette University. However, the process in which solid waste is removed has changed drastically. Only a few short years ago, all trash on campus was hauled off campus with city trash trucks, the trucks picked up and emptying each dumpster on a standard schedule, thus resulting in overflowing dumpsters and extra costs at times. Today, trash is collected from buildings much more efficiently using our own compactor, and small dumpsters emptied with a small easy to maneuver Taylor Truck. The dumpsters can be dumped any time day or night.