Recycling Support - Guidelines

Mixed Recycling (labled containers)

Acceptable Unacceptable
Computer paper Non-water soluble adhesives: glues, tapes, pressure-sensitive labels
White paper: bond, letterhead, typing, copier, index cards
Colored paper Food wrappings
Carbonless paper Paper towels
Envelopes: with or without plastic windows Trash
Coated paper: fax, brochure, advertisements Batteries
File folders: manila or pastel, no labels Glass
Direct mailings: opened and sorted, no adhesives
Phone books


(Red Dumpsters outside or break down and leave behind your mixed recycling container)
Acceptable Unacceptable
Corrugated boxes with tape Wax-coated boxes
Brown paper bags Pizza boxes due to cantamination inside of box
Boxes with plastic or foam attached
Gift boxes

Glass Containers

(Labeled Glass)
Acceptable Unacceptable
Glass Bottles with lids removed
Plate glass