Recycling Support - Pick-Up Services

Main recycling containers can be found at essentially every building on campus. Depending on the needs of the building occupants, there are containers for newspaper, office paper, mixed containers, cardboard, glass/cans, and magazines. Each office is provided a desk recycle container. The occupant of each office is responsible for placing recycle materials in the main recycling containers located in each building. Please be sure all of your materials have been prepared for recycling according to the recycling guidelines.

Most commodities are picked-up on a regular schedule from one to six times/week. There are occasions when your recycling bin is full and needs to be emptied as an unscheduled special pick-up. Please call our office when this happens, and usually we can be there the same or next day.

Since our pick-up schedules change somewhat with our student's schedules, please contact us for the specific days when recycling is picked up at your building.