Application Procedures

Willamette University will work as a partner with students and parents in the financial aid process. As the primary beneficiary of the investment in a college education, the student and his or her family are expected to assume primary responsibility for financing educational expenses. Financial aid is designed to bridge the gap between the family's EFC and what is will cost to attend the University. Willamette is committed to helping families meet college costs with a combination of need-based and merit-based financial assistance.

We recognize that circumstances, such as a loss of a job or a divorce, can arise that affect a family's ability to contribute toward educational expenses. If your family has unique, documentable circumstances that affect your ability to contribute toward educational expenses, you may request that we re-evaluate your eligibility for need-based assistance based on those circumstances. Requests for re-evaluation must be in writing, and must include a detailed description of your family's unique circumstances.