Graduate Financial Aid Check List

To receive the financial assistance offered:

  • Accept the financial aid package: Complete and return the Certification and Award Acceptance form to the Office of Financial Aid by the requested response date. You may choose to accept all or part of the aid offered to you.
  • Verify FAFSA Information: The federal processor determines who is selected for verification of FAFSA information. If the Student Aid Report (SAR) messages indicate you will need to provide additional documentation, you will need to submit that documentation before we can proceed with the awarding process.
  • Complete the loan application process
  • Private Awards: Please notify the Office of Financial Aid if you will be receiving scholarship funds from a source outside Willamette.
  • Maintain full-time status: Any reduction in credits must be reported to the Office of Financial Aid immediately and may affect your eligibility for financial aid. Assistance is not available if you are enrolled less than half time.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress: Students are required to make satisfactory academic progress toward their degree in order to maintain eligibility for federal loan and work study programs. Satisfactory academic progress contains a qualitative, as well as a quantitative standard of performance. The Office of Financial Aid will review the academic performance of Law and MBA students at the end of the first year, and again after each subsequent semester. This review is separate from any academic probation review done by your graduate program. MAT students are reviewed at the end of the first semester.

Qualitative standard:

Requires maintaining the following minimum cumulative grade point average as required by your program to graduate:

College of Law 2.30 GPA
Atkinson Graduate School of Management/MBA 3.00 GPA
Graduate School of Education 2.00 GPA

Quantitative standards:

  • Law – the student should be advancing at a full time status in such a fashion as to complete the degree requirements within five years from the start of their Law program.
  • Early Career MBA – Completion expected normally within two years (unless joint degree). The quantitative standard for a student who attends less than full time is measured on a percentage basis compared to full time standards.
  • MBA for Professionals – Completion within the two year program period.
  • MAT – Completion within the 10-month program period.
  • Masters in Education – Completion within the two year program period.
  • Aspire – Completion within the two year program period.

Questions? Email or contact the Office of Financial Aid at 503-370-6273, toll-free 877-744-3736.