Helpful Web Sites

Here's a roundup of Web sites that do a great job of covering the ABCs of financial aid, and much more. (This is just a listing and not an endorsement of the sites named.)

When using some of these free sites, you may be asked to give personal information, such as your name, year in school, and more. Before doing so, be sure you read and understand the privacy policy posted at each site.

  • College An "open-book" guide or index to scholarships and grants. Students search beginning with general categories, which guide them to increasingly more granular awards.
  • College Board Online Scholarship Search Search this free database of more than 2,000 non-college sources of funding for undergraduate study.
  • FastWeb Browse perhaps the largest and best-known free database of private sources of financial aid, with more than 600,000 awards for undergraduate and graduate study.
  • College Answer This site provides comprehensive resources to assist the college admission and scholarship search process. It is sponsored by Sallie Mae.
  • OSAC Information for Oregon residents about private scholarships administered by the Oregon Student Access Commission
  • United Methodist Loan and Scholarship Programs
  • FAFSA Complete the Federal Application for Student Financial Aid online.
  • Calculators Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Calculators and scholarship search engine.
  • US Department of Education Student Aid Programs General information about federal aid programs. Students and parents can also call (800) 4FED-AID
  • Tax Information for Students and Parents IRS web page designed specifically for students and parents.
  • IRS Benefits for Higher Education Brochure [pdf]
  • Oregon College Savings Plan Brought to you by the Oregon Qualified Tuition Savings Board, chaired by the Oregon State Treasurer, the Oregon College Savings Plan is an innovative, new, qualified state tuition program that helps families across the country save for one of their most important financial goals - their children's education. With the Oregon College Savings Plan, you can open an account on behalf of a designated beneficiary. Your contributions are placed in a trust and are directed into special investment portfolios designed and managed specifically for the Plan. Earnings in your account will grow state and federally tax-deferred until the time your beneficiary is ready to go to college. The funds are then available to be used to pay for qualified higher education expenses at any eligible school - including technical, vocational, and graduate schools.