Merit-Based Scholarships

  • Willamette University awards a number of merit-based scholarships each year to the entering students who have secondary academic records of the highest merit.
  • All admitted applicants are automatically considered for these merit-based scholarships - additional materials are not required.
  • The application materials requested to make the admission decision are the same materials used to make these merit-based decisions. A separate application form is not necessary.
  • Scholarship determination is made on the strength of an applicant's academic achievements, weighing such factors as GPA, strength of the curriculum, and test scores.
  • While significant co-curricular and extracurricular accomplishments are also considered as part of the overall decision, it is primarily the applicant's academic merit that determines scholarship eligibility.

In addition to the academic scholarships mentioned above, Willamette also offers scholarships in particular areas of co-curricular talent or involvement. Talent Scholarships, which are offered in the areas of music, theatre, and forensics, require auditions and/or special recommendation in order to be considered.

Other merit-based scholarships are awarded in partnership with community organizations or in recognition of nationally competitive scholar designations. Included among these are:

  • Willamette Scholarships for Oregon Latinos (SOL)
  • Black United Fund Partnership Scholarships (BUFO)
  • National Merit Scholarships
  • National Hispanic Scholarships
  • National Achievement Scholarships