Oregon Native American Chamber (ONAC) Scholarship

Selection is based upon the application submission and student’s demonstrated interest/involvement in Native American activities or affairs. Scholarships are awarded solely at the discretion of the scholarship committee. •Must be currently enrolled and attending an accredited community college or accredited four year college/university. Eligibility is limited to undergraduate students who are residents of the state of Oregon or Clark County, Washington. Eligible applicants must be in good academic standing at their respective institution. Any “first term” students must include their cumulative High School GPA, graduation rank and evidence of college/university enrollment. •Recipient(s) must attend ONAC’s 6th Annual Gathering on October 8, 2010 to receive the scholarship award. •Students with relatives that are currently serving on ONAC’s Board of Directors and/ Board of Directors are ineligible. Please send following documents to address below. •Submit a photocopy of current driver’s license and proof of Native American identification (must include your tribal enrollment number). •Submit a sealed official college transcript. •Submit one letter of recommendation from a person other than a family member. A professional associated with your education, community involvement, extracurricular activities or employment is preferred. It must be submitted directly from the individual supplying the reference. ORIGINALS ONLY, PHOTOCOPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

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Incoming Freshman, Undergraduate Freshman, Undergraduate Sophomore, Undergraduate Junior, Undergraduate Senior

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Oregon, Washington


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