Work Study Handbook: Information for Students

Eligibility - Students

Participation in the Federal Work-Study Program is awarded to eligible full-time students as part of a financial aid package which is based on financial need: the difference between educational expenses and family resources. Since financial aid packages are reviewed and revised annually, student eligibility and earnings limits may change from one academic year to the next. Every student who is granted a work-study award is given an "earnings limit," as indicated on the student's Financial Aid Award Announcement. This is the maximum amount a student may earn from any source (before taxes) during the academic year. Whenever a student's work-study award is changed, a revised Financial Aid Award Announcement is sent to the student. Student work schedules should be adjusted as soon as possible to prevent over- or underearning. It is extremely important to acknowledge the shared responsibility between the Financial Aid Office, the student, and the employer to monitor a student's earnings. The student must stop working when the earnings limit is reached. Both the student and the employer will be notified when a student approaches the earnings limit. If an oversight occurs and the employer continues to charge the federal account past the earnings limit, the Student Payroll Office must charge the over-earnings directly back to the employer or department.