Work Study Handbook: Information for Students

Scheduling Guide and Wage and Earning Limits

The following chart is a guide to determining how many hours a student will be able to work per week during the academic year based on wage rate and earnings limit. The undergraduate academic year is assumed to be 30 weeks (15 weeks per semester). The basic formula behind these figures is: (Earnings Limit ÷ Weeks per Year) ÷ Hourly Wage = Hours per Week. Please note that if the student expects to remain on campus and work during winter or spring break, this will reduce the number of hours he or she will be able to work during the regular academic term, and will also count towards the student's annual work-study award limit. Please keep in mind is that a higher wage rate reduces the number of eligible employment hours, as is illustrated in the chart.

Hourly Wage Earning Limit
$1000 $1500 $2000
$8.95 3.7 5.5 7.4
$9.05 3.6 5.5 7.3
$9.15 3.6 5.4 7.2
$10.00 3.3 5.0 6.7