College of Liberal Arts (Undergraduate) Tuition & Fees

Financing a college education is one of the most important expenditures that you and your family will make. Willamette University offers need-based financial aid and merit scholarships to help families afford the cost of education. This investment in your future will pay dividends throughout your life.


Description Fall Term Spring Term Total Annual
Tuition $24,875.00 $24,875.00 $49,750.00
Fees 264.25 264.25 528.50
Room and Board* 6,280.00 6,280.00 12,560.00
Residential Hall Fees (Estimated) 75.00 75.00 150.00
Books and Supplies (Estimated) 495.00 495.00 990.00
Green Fund Fee** 25.00 25.00 50.00
Health Insurance*** 1,063.00 1,377.00 2,440.00
Orientation Fee**** 120.00 - 120.00
Total Estimated Costs $33,197.25 $33,391.25 $66,588.50

* The Room and Board rate is based upon standard multiple occupancy in a residence hall and Meal Plan C. Actual rates may differ depending upon room type and meal plan selected.

** The Green Fund Fee is optional and may be declined by the student. This fee provides students with an opportunity to develop, fund, and lead sustainability projects on and off campus. The fee was approved by a student body vote during the 2014 spring semester.

*** If you have comparable coverage you may waive this premium. For complete information concerning student health insurance please see the Student Insurance web page.

**** The Orientation Fee is a one time only fee that is charged in the Fall term for new students, both incoming Freshmen and Transfers. The purpose is intended to cover the cost of the Opening Days festivities.