Waive Insurance

Requesting a Waiver for WU Student Health Insurance

If your own health insurance gives you comparable coverage, you may be able to waive out of the university's student health insurance.

  • Proof of comparable insurance is defined by the Waiver Criteria (see Health Insurance Requirement document).
  • You have ONE opportunity at the beginning of each academic year to request a Waiver. Your request and all proof must be presented to the Office of International Education in the form of a Health Insurance Enrollment & Waiver Request- available on this page- by the deadline.
  • No one is automatically given a waiver nor is a waiver guaranteed. If you are a sponsored student, you must also follow this process.
  • Each student who wants to request a waiver must fully complete the Waiver Request form and provide supporting documents.
  • Waiver approvals from previous years DO NOT transfer into the current academic year.  A new Waiver Request must be completed during the waiver period each fall.
  • SPRING START students: If you BEGIN your program at Willamette in the spring, you will have a unique waiver period in January. The January waiver process DOES NOT apply to students who also studied in the previous fall.
  • If you use the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan before the waiver request deadline, you are no longer eligible for a waiver.  
  • After the waiver request deadline, you are no longer eligible for a waiver.
  • Late waiver requests or incomplete requests will not be considered.  If you aren't sure if your health insurance meets the criteria, submit your request AT LEAST one week prior to the deadline. 

Approval of your waiver request is done by the Office of International Education.  If you are approved for an insurance waiver, the charges for the WU Student Health Insurance Plan will be deducted from your student account.  If you are not approved or do not apply for a waiver, you will be automatically enrolled in the Willamette University Student Health Insurance Plan with Aetna.

Fall Waiver Deadline: Monday, September 12, 2016
Spring Waiver Deadline: Monday, February 6, 2017 (for students enrolled for spring only)

Waiver Criteria and Waiver Request instructions- please refer to the Enrollment & Waiver Request form.