Use the secure online portal ( to securely communicate with staff. Health Services staff have intermittent access to messages during normal business hours only, so please do not use the portal messaging service if you are in crisis or require an immediate response.
  • Image of Don Thomson, M.S., L.P.C.

    Don Thomson, M.S., L.P.C.

    Director of Bishop Wellness Center
  • Image of Amy Purkey, RN

    Amy Purkey, RN

    Associate Director of Health Services
  • Image of Anne Barry-Lever, ANP

    Anne Barry-Lever, ANP

    Nurse Practitioner
  • Image of Susan Robbins, FNP-C

    Susan Robbins, FNP-C

    Nurse Practitioner
  • Image of Cari Jermann, RN

    Cari Jermann, RN

    Registered Nurse
  • Image of Mary Ann Zielinski, LPN

    Mary Ann Zielinski, LPN

    Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Image of Lynn Pranger

    Lynn Pranger

    Medical Receptionist
  • Image of Megan Sabato, NCMA

    Megan Sabato, NCMA

    Medical Assistant
  • Image of SaVanna Kraal

    SaVanna Kraal

    Office Manager & Student Insurance Coordinator