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    Food Services

    All students living in residence halls have a meal plan. Meal Plan Points are honored at Goudy Commons, Kaneko Commons, and the Montag Store. 

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    Food Services

    Throughout the cafés we offer dietary choices that fit the goals and values of today’s students: no trans-fat foods, gluten free meals, vegetarian meals, vegan meals, “Farm to Fork” organic meals, and eco-smart meals to name a few.  

Meal Plans and Food Service Options

The on-campus dining program has been designed with flexibility to meet the unique needs of each student.

At Willamette University, we believe food service plays an important role in the wellness and sense of community that makes our campus unique. Meals are prepared from scratch using fresh ingredients — all in a socially responsible manner that benefits our community, our guests and our environment.

Throughout the cafés we offer dietary choices that fit the goals and values of today’s students.

The Willamette Meal Plan

Students select their Meal Plan when they sign their housing agreement the academic year. All students living in a residence hall have a Willamette Meal Plan. Willamette offers a unique hybrid meal plan that combines a set number of All You Care to Eat (AYCE) meals and Meal Plan Points for a la carte meals. Why go hybrid? It's simple: It's how most students like to eat. It's flexible, like real life. Students have several Meal Plan options to choose from, allowing them to select the Plan that works best for them.

AYCE meals are dinners Sunday through Friday and brunch on Saturday. Meal Plan Points are used at Bon Appétit venues for breakfast and lunch, Monday through Friday, dinner on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday. The total expense for a meal plan includes the selected plan and food service overhead.

Choosing the Right Meal Plan

When choosing a Meal Plan, it's important for students to consider how they like to eat. Do you snack nightly? Skip breakfast but eat a big meal at dinner? Are you happy with a light salad at lunch or do you prefer something more substantial? The typical student does not eat three meals a day, seven days a week on campus.

In the busy world of college life, students often choose to spend a bit more on retail items than they first expect to. So, Willamette's Meal Plans are built to reflect the real life behaviors of our students. In place of simply offering three AYCE meals a day, our hybrid plans can be used in a variety of ways (e.g., take your lunch to go, late night snack at Montag). If you plan to go to Montag for limited point grab and go items and snacks, consider going up one plan. If you spend all of your Meal Plan Points before the end of the semester, don't worry. Your AYCE meals are still available, just add Compass Cash to your card and use it at any Bon Appétit venue. Students who live in the sororities participate in the Sorority Meal Plan.

Want to change your Meal Plan? Willamette Meal Plan changes are accepted during the first week of each semester through your Bearcat BnB page

Willamette Meal Plans

For 2018-2019 pricing information, please see the Room and Meal Plan Costs section.

Meal Plan Meals Per Week Points Per Semester How I Eat
Bearkitten (Plan A) 7 AYCE 525 I'll eat either breakfast OR a light lunch on campus, but not both. Plus a dinner.
Sampler (Plan B) 7 AYCE 625 I'll eat a small breakfast and lunch. Plus a dinner.
Bearcat (Plan C) 7 AYCE 750 I'll eat a small breakfast, a regular lunch, and dinner. Plus, occasional snacks.
(Plan D)
7 AYCE 900 I'll eat a regular breakfast and lunch, plus dinner and some snacks.
Explorer (Plan E) 5 AYCE 800 I'll eat a small breakfast, lunch and dinners during the week.
Independent (Plan JS) 3 AYCE 800 For juniors and seniors only. I'm only on campus a few days a week.

Meal Schedule

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Breakfast P P P P P
Lunch P (BR) P P P P P A (BR)
Dinner A A A A A A P

A = All You Care to Eat (AYCE) Meal
P = Points Meal
BR = Brunch

Meal Plan Points

Meal Plan Points are honored at Goudy Commons, Kaneko Commons and Montag Convenience Store. Points carry over from fall to spring semester if you remain an on-campus resident (sororities, Doney apartments, UAPs or Kaneko Commons Apartments, and students going abroad excluded). Points remaining at the completion of spring semester are non-refundable. No credit or refund is issued for AYCE meals not taken.

Check your Meal Plan Point balance regularly by logging in to the Online Card Office then compare your usage to the Declining Balance Calendar. Stay on track by viewing the  Declining Balance Calendar which estimates the daily Meal Plan Point usage for each plan.

Compass Cash

Additional funds may be added to your Compass Card for use throughout campus. When Compass Cash is used at a Bon Appétit venue, Bon Appétit adds a 10% bonus to the total dollar amount. If you run out of Meal Plan Points, be sure to add Compass Cash to your Card instead of using cash for meals to get the 10% bonus!