Northwood Hall

  • Northwood Hall
    Northwood Hall
  • Northwood Single Room
    Northwood Single Room
  • Northwood Study Lounge
    Northwood Study Lounge
  • Northwood Common Area
    Northwood Common Area
  • Northwood Kitchen
    Northwood Kitchen

Building Information

Occupancy 38 - Coed Residence; 1st year students
Kitchen Facilities Yes - refrigerator and microwave
Beverage and Snack Machines Yes
Other Beverage and Snack Resources The Montag Convenience Store is open during the day and in the evenings. Goudy Commons is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kaneko Commons is open for breakfast and lunch (M-F).
Meal Plan Meal Plans are required of all residents and points may be used in the Goudy Commons, Kaneko Commons or Montag Center.
Smoke Free All campus buildings are smoke free.
Bicycle Storage Yes
Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms Yes
Wheelchair Accessible Building Yes. Enter through Westwood.
More About Northwood Hall Northwood is on the NE corner of the Baxter Complex. Laundry facilities are available in Northwood, the basement of Baxter and at Montag. Northwood Hall is part of the Eastside Commons. This residence has double, triple and single occupancy rooms. Mattresses are extra long twin.