Ensuring Your Well-Being

A Housing and Community Life staff member is available to help you, your roommates and your neighbors build a positive community that fosters attitudes of respect and personal responsibility as you adjust to living with new people, ideas and freedoms.

Housing and Dining Information

Living on campus is an amazing experience — with so many places to eat, sleep, study, socialize and relax, you'll be at home in no time at all. Let us help you make connections.

Housing Costs & Information

Find more information about amenities, costs and rates, moving in and out, assignments & residency requirements, maintenance requests, what to bring and housing selection for returning students.

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Meal Plans and Food Service Options

The on-campus dining program has been designed with flexibility to meet the unique needs of each student. Learn more about our meal plans and food service options.

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Compass Card

Make campus purchases of food, textbooks, gifts, snacks, sodas, laundry services and photocopies using your Compass Card.