Assignments & Residency Requirements

Returning students select their rooms/apartments in April for the upcoming academic year. New paid admits will receive residence hall and meal plan selection information from the Housing office in late May. Housing assignments and roommate information is posted on Bearcat BnB for new students in late July.

First year students live on Eastside (Baxter, Belknap, Cascadia, Matthews, Northwood, Southwood, Westwood, Terra). Roommates are matched by interests and are randomly assigned to a room/hall in Eastside. It is not uncommon to have more than one roommate. Triple rooms are common on campus.

Once an assignment has been made, it is considered permanent. However, should a problem arise, staff-approved changes may be considered. A waiting period of two weeks after the semester begins allows for us to confirm any no-shows and for you to evaluate your living situation and consider more than just first impressions.

Students requesting special accommodations due to a health related matter must submit acceptable documentation to Accessible Education Services prior to the assignment deadline to be certified. This includes the need for a service/emotional support animal. The housing office will make an assignment based on the recommendation made by Accessible Education Services, the availability of space, the individual’s needs and the University’s ability to reasonably accommodate the student.

Residency Requirement

Students are required to live in university housing their first two years in college unless they are married, over 21, have dependent family under their care (parent or child), or are living with parent(s)/legal guardian(s) within a commutable distance of 25 miles or less. Students with 4 semesters in residence are eligible to live off campus.

Students who do not meet these criteria, must apply for a waiver of the Residency Requirement. Applications are available from the Housing office. The Residency Requirement Waiver Committee only grants exemptions in extreme circumstances. The Committee meets in December and May to review waiver applications for the upcoming semester. Applications received after July 15th will not be considered for Fall semester. Applications received after December 15th will not be considered for Spring semester.