Moving Out - May, 2018

Your Guide to Important Spring Semester Closing Information

As the Academic Year Ends…

We want to thank all of you for being part of a very successful year on campus. We would also like to ask your help in making this closing successful. Please follow the check-out instructions below carefully to save yourself stress, and avoid unwanted charges. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a Housing & Community Life staff member for help!

On Campus Housing Closes Wednesday, May 9th at noon

Residences close for undergraduates at noon on Wednesday, May 9th. If you finish your finals before the 9th and are interrupting an other student's ability to study, you will be asked to leave earlier.

ASP students move to Kaneko on Saturday, May 12th at 1:30 pm (ASP students will receive a detailed moving schedule).

Graduate student check-out is 5 pm the day after their last final.

Registered Commencement participant check out deadline is noon, Monday, May 14th.

Students unable to check-out by the published date can apply for a contract/lease addendum at Housing & Community Life. The cost is $100/night for an extension. No extensions are granted past noon, Monday, May 14th.

If you have not already done so, please make your travel plans now.

Check-Out Procedures & Closing Check-List

Adhering to the check-out inventory procedures is part of your contract/lease. The inventory procedure is designed to keep an accurate record of the condition of each room/suite/apartment and is for the protection of the occupant(s). It is your responsibility to take care of each item on the following check-list before you leave campus:

  • Return everything in your room/suite/apartment to the original place/condition.
  • Clean and vacuum your room/suite/apartment (don't forget to vacuum under the bed!). Look for the cleaning poster for tips on cleaning private bathrooms and apartment kitchens.
  • Remove all personal items from your room/hall. Be sure to check the top shelf of the closet and all drawers. Don't forget the things you have in the bathroom and laundry room.
  • Remove all decorations from the walls, doors, ceiling, mirrors and windows.
  • Schedule a time to check-out with your RA before your check-out deadline.
  • Be packed and ready to move out at the time of your check-out appointment.
  • Have all donations, recycling and trash removed to the designated collection areas.
  • Place your labeled boxes in storage - your RA has labels for you.
  • Keep the hallways and stairwells clear of your belongings at all times.
  • Return any dishes, glasses or flatware that you took from Goudy, the Cat or the Kaneko Kafe.
  • Check-out with your RA. Sign your inventory card and note any charges listed at this time.
  • Give your key to your RA when checking out.
  • Give the Mail Center your summer mailing address.

If damages, a dirty room/suite/apartment and/or missing items are noted, your RA will fill out an End-of-Year Charge Form. Statements of charges sent out by the Business Office during the summer are not itemized. Questions about any charges should be discussed with your Area Coordinator before leaving campus. Inventory check-out bills are finalized once a room/suite/apartment is completely vacant.

If you do not schedule a check-out appointment, you waive your right to be present when your room/suite/apartment is checked for damages/cleanliness. Failure to check-out with your RA by the closing deadline will result in a $25 fine. You are responsible for leaving your room/suite/apartment in 'move in ready' condition. A charge will be assessed for any damages, dirty room/suite/apartment, dirty or missing furniture. If it cannot be determined who is responsible for the charge(s), the cost will be split equally among the occupants. Extra common area cleaning, missing common area furniture and common area damages are the responsibility of all residents assigned to the living organization. A price list of damage charges is available from a RA.

UAP/Doney apartment/Kaneko apartment Residents: Cleaning deposits will be returned by mid-June if your apartment is left in 'move in ready' condition. No partial refunds will be made.


Limited storage space is available in some residences for students who are returning to campus next fall. Storage space is not guaranteed. You may store up to two items of personal belongings in designated storage rooms only. Belongings are stored at your own risk for up to one year. The University will not replace or repair items lost or damaged regardless of the cause. All items put in storage must be labeled with your name, contact information and the date stored. Staff members will be distributing storage labels. Check with your RA for storage access hours during finals week. Items left over one year from date stored, will be subject to donation. If you are leaving your bike in a designated bike storage don't forget to lock and label it, too. Unlabeled bikes or bikes left in common areas will be donated. Please remember that campus residences will not be open during the summer break to retrieve stored belongings. Be sure to take everything you'll need over the summer.

No storage is offered at the University Apartments.

Cleaning Responsibilities/Trash/Recycling

Rooms/suites/apartments, bathrooms and common areas are to be left clean. The definition of clean is 'move in ready' for the next person. If it is necessary for university staff to clean your side of the room, a minimum $50 cleaning fee will be assessed (2 staff x $25/hour; includes supplies). If extra cleaning is needed in the hallway or bathroom, each resident will be assessed. Remember to clean the closets, floor, ceiling, walls, doors, and furniture, including all drawers and shelves. Remove all personal belongings from your room/suite/apartment, bathroom, laundry room and common area. Apartment residents: clean your kitchen (don't forget the oven and refrigerator) and bathroom, as well.

Personal belongings left behind will be discarded or donated on May 17th. Staff will distribute bags for you to take your clothing donations, recycling and trash to a collection area. Use BLUE bags for recycling, SILVER bags for clothing/shoes donations and BLACK bags for trash.  Be sure to take your BLACK trash bag to an outside collection area.


Please watch your belongings when you are packing your car. Do not leave valuables in your unattended car overnight. Packed cars are an invitation for theft. Keep your doors locked. Do not prop open an outside door and leave it unattended while you are taking things to your car. Propped doors are an invitation to unwanted visitors and put the entire community at risk.


We encourage you to donate clothing, shoes and other personal items that you do not plan to keep. Please do not put reusable items in the trash. Staff will distribute bags for you to take your clothing/shoe donations, recycling and trash to a designated collection area. Use BLUE bags for recycling and SILVER bags for clothing/shoe donations. Look for posters in your hall with information on where to take your donations on campus and the collection hours. If you have unopened food you are not planning to keep, put it in a Marion County Food Bank bin, not the trash.


Your room/apartment key is to be returned to your RA when you check out. For the security of the next resident, failure to return your key at check-out will result in a $85 charge to rekey the lock and issue new keys.

Maintenance/Cleaning Charges

If it is necessary to repair damages in your room/suite/apartment, maintenance charges are assessed at the rate of $20/hour/staff member plus materials. Cleaning charges are assessed at $25/hour/staff member (includes supplies). If you don't clean and it is necessary for university staff to return your space to 'move in ready' condition, you will be billed for their time and supplies. For a list of common charges and the cost of estimates, please contact a Housing & Community Life staff member.

Food Service

Meal Plan Points expire after the last board meal which is dinner, Tuesday, May 9th. On Saturday, May 6th, Goudy will be open at 7:30 AM for students to purchase coffee and muffins with their Meal Plan Points before going to their finals at 8:00 AM. Brunch and dinner will be served at the regular times.

If you took dishes, flatware or glasses from the Kaneko Kafe, the Cat or Goudy, please return them to a Bon Appetit venue before you leave campus.

Study Hours

During CLA Study Days and Finals, quiet hours in the residences will be 23 hrs/day with a "relief hour" from 6-7 PM. Campus Courtesy Hours will be 24 hours/day. Study Breaks are the only scheduled activities.

Letting Loose

We would like to remind you to be considerate of where, when, and how you decide to "let loose" during study days and finals. Please remember that your neighbors may still be writing a paper or studying for a final and will not appreciate a primal scream or your music at full blast. To ensure that all students' rights are respected, staff will be enforcing University policies until the last student checks out.

Good luck on your finals and have a safe and enjoyable summer!