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Thinking of moving off campus? Before you sign that lease, take a moment to consider the following information in evaluating on campus vs. off campus housing.

Options for Juniors and Seniors

Students say they expect to save money by moving off campus. But after all is said and done, they often find that the money saved wasn’t as much as they thought, and commute times to and from campus cut into critical study time.

Consider the benefits of on-campus housing

Off Campus

On Campus

Managers and landlords require first and last months’ rent up front. You are often locked into a year-long lease, whether or not you need the apartment the entire time. You have greater flexibility, with agreements ranging from a single semester to an academic year.
Electric, water, and garbage bills are not typically included in the cost and can really add up. All utilities, plus internet access, are included.
Many off campus residences require you to drive and find parking. You have the convenience of walking to class and other on campus events and activities.
Think about safety off campus Think about safety on campus
How much is your time worth? What is the cost of that time when you are doing your senior thesis and job searching? Consider time spent on commuting, grocery shopping, food prep, clean up, etc. Students often envision elaborate self-made meals, but then resort to the boxed food and a microwave as time becomes a factor. Students on campus, even without a meal plan, tend to use on campus dining for healthy alternatives and time saving meals. You can still make your favorite meals when you have time.
In Salem, rent prices spiked last year and are expected to rise again. At the same time, the vacancy rates decreased, making it harder to find good options, close to campus.(1) On campus housing is priced competitively–often below market rates–and costs are kept to a minimum.

What are your on campus options?

In 2017-18, apartments are available on campus as well as double rooms that can be rented as single rooms in the B and C wings of Kaneko at a lower cost than elsewhere on campus. With first year students all living in Eastside residence halls in 2017-18, you have the opportunity to live with your classmates.

You may also consider living in a newly renovated Doney Hall apartment or suite - a popular option among current students.

This summer Lee and York houses will also undergo remodeling and offer exceptional new features, including single rooms.

We encourage you to think about all aspects of student life when selecting a place to live for your upperclass years at Willamette. Living on campus has many benefits and may be more convenient as you complete internships, return from study abroad, senior projects or thesis. You will have plenty of time to experience living off campus after graduation — take the opportunity to fully experience everything that living on campus has to offer during your time at Willamette.

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(1)Source: Statesman Journal, Feb. 2, 2017