Legal Services & Identity Theft

Willamette University has partnered with Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. to allow benefit eligible employees and their families the opportunity to receive some additional personal protection with legal and financial concerns as well as Identity Theft Protection.

Legal Services

  • Unlimited telephone consultation
  • Phone calls and letters on your behalf
  • Contract and document review
  • Will Preparation
  • Motor vehicle / traffic violation coverage
  • Civil lawsuit protection (including pre-trial and trial time)
  • IRS tax audit protection
  • 25% discount on other services
  • Protects your right to remain silent
  • Attorney representation 24/7

Identity Theft Protection

  • Credit Reports
  • Continuous credit monitoring for all activity
  • Restoration reimbursement
  • Identity restoration


  1. Prepaid Legal: $18.95/month
  2. Identity Theft: $14.95/month
  3. Combined Prepaid Legal/Identity Theft: $28.90/month


Download the Enrollment Form. For questions, please contact us (