Holiday Schedules

Holiday schedules are updated every spring no later than June 1st. Below you will find the most recent two schedules. Historical schedules are available through the Office of Human Resources. These schedules outline the days on which the University will be closed due to recognized holidays and for Winter Break, as well as establish when eligible employees will receive "holiday premium pay" (time plus one-half), as well as when eligible employees may be entitled to a "paid day off".

Policy handbooks for staff provide more detailed information as to benefit provisions related to recognized holidays. As always, feel free to contact Human Resources if you are unsure of your eligibility and the application of benefits.

Printable Holiday Schedule 2015-2016

Printable Holiday Schedule 2016-2017

Other Days off with Pay under Holiday Policy

Eligible staff who are normally scheduled to work on the date of closure will be paid their normal pay for the days above. For employees on varied schedules, the amount of holiday pay will be based on their Full-Time Equivalency (FTE). For all closures above, except Winter Break, if the date of closure is not a regularly scheduled workday, the affected employee will be granted another day off with pay for use prior to the end of the fiscal year (5/31). During Winter Break, if the date(s) of closure are not regularly scheduled workdays, then no additional days are extended to the affected employee and will not be "floated" for use at other times.

Winter Break

Winter Break closure typically begins on Christmas eve and continues through January 1st. Depending on the calendar, the President may authorize additional days for the sake of scheduling convenience. For classified employees who must work during Winter Break, only Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day will qualify for holiday premium pay (time plus one-half). Days scheduled and worked during Winter Break that are not designated holidays will be exchanged for another day off with pay that can be used before June 1st. (May 15th for classified staff). It will be added to the Personal Preference day allotment and as is typical of Personal Preference days, cannot be carried over to the next fiscal year. See "Winter Break" policy in the Administrative and Classified Staff Handbook for more information.

***Please be advised that paid time off benefits are subject to change from year to year. This is not a contract and should not be construed to extend any guarantees relative to employment and/or benefits.***