Value of a Liberal Arts Degree

"What do liberally educated young adults do for employment? Anything and everything" (p. 1) A publication written by E.R. Sturman of Dartmouth College for Peterson's Guides attempted to answer this question. He suggested that individuals not choose a career based on job market projections as they may change before the graduate enters the world of employment. He also stated that "to pursue a liberal arts degree comes down to a leap of faith". (p. 4)

According to statistics, that leap has been quite successful for many students. Sturman noted that between 1977-82 eighty-one percent of the respondents in a Willamette University survey were employed full or part time after one year of graduation. From 1989-97, 86-95% of the Willamette University graduates responding to a yearly survey reported being employed or attending graduate school.*

And, to paraphrase Mr. Sturman, students graduating from liberal arts colleges and universities do anything and everything! A liberal arts degree is more than a diploma-it is preparation for life. To quote publisher George Hoyt, class of '58', "My Willamette education taught me life lessons that I carry with me to this day."

To quote Former Willamette University President, M. Lee Pelton, "At Willamette we are confident in the virtues of a liberal arts education. The liberal arts do not merely educate our students in a set of specific skills but facilitates the capacity to think critically and objectively; to reject cant in favor of intellectual honesty and candor; to bring problems and issues a wide and deep historical perspective and understanding; to speak clearly and cogently; to write with grace and maturity; appreciate beauty and to work and collaborate with others while maintaining intellectual independence and creativity."

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