Goal Setting Worksheet

  1. Make and breakdown your goals.
  2. Keeping a list easily accessible, like a calendar or notebook, will serve as both inspiration and a reminder, and also a checklist of accomplishments.
  3. Plan to:
    1. keep your own deadlines
    2. periodically check your progress
    3. enlist the help of others
    4. plan rewards
    5. not aim for perfection
    6. schedule the start time

Be mindful of the impact of transitions, e.g., declaring your major, graduation, adjusting to college.


  1. Long Term
    1. Personal/Family
    2. Academic/Professional
  2. Short Term/Academic
    1. For each goal:
      1. Time to completion
      2. Resources available
      3. Obstacles anticipated
  3. Follow-up
    1. For each goal:
      1. What did I accomplish?
      2. What remains to be completed?
      3. What helped me to be successful?
      4. What learning can I apply to future endeavors?