Resources for Russian Students

Online Dictionaries

English-Russian-English Dictionary - An online two-way dictionary.


Russian Language Learning Website - Texts by four Russian authors, includes interactive grammar and other exercises on the texts - One of the most popular Russian search engines.

Vocab Quizlet is a flashcard website where users may either create their own flashcards or choose from millions of other sets already created. There are several ways to study your flashcards, including multiple choice tests or study games. You can even add images or listen to audio files for individual words. It is easy to create and share material and Quizlet is good for studying almost any subject!


Mini-Russian Grammar Review - Russian grammar review on Microsoft PowerPoint slides from Middlebury College.

An Interactive On-line Reference Grammar - hosted by the Russian Dept. at Bucknell University.


Russian Language Internet Resources - Super Russian Internet Resources from the University of Iowa

Internal Resources

Willamette Department of German and Russian


To use the proofreading tools to proofread in Russian, highlight the selection you want to proofread; then, go to the "Tools" menu up at the top, go to "Language," and click on "Set language." Select "Russian" from the dialog box that appears. Then click on "Spelling and Grammar" under the "Tools" menu to proofread the selection. The language lab is also equipped with Microsoft's Proofreading Tools in several languages, one of which is Russian. To start typing in Russian, without using any special characters'' short-cut keys, you need to set your input language to Russian in the Language bar at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Then, you can look at the link below to learn how to use the Russian keyboard's keys: