Language Immersion Resources

  • LLC website

    The LLC (Language Learning Center) website contains links to all Willamette foreign languages and their resources, with helpful tools such as writing and grammar, dictionaries, newspapers, movie suggestions, TV shows and radio.

  • WU Language Assistants

    Practice your language skills with young professional native speakers! Every language department has a language assistant who are here to help you practice language conversation skills. Visit WISE to schedule an appointment with your department’s language assistant.

  • Mixxer

    Can't meet with Language Assistants? Through Skype, you can be matched up with a native speaker, who is also interested in learning American language and culture. Don’t stress, you’re both sharing and learning!

  • Willamette World News

    Willamette World News is a bi-weekly WU blog written by international exchange students studying here. Check out the latest issues: traditional foods, current events from last year, and more!

  • Quizlet

    *staff favorite

    Quizlet's flashcard function can help you study for tests and learn new words. And the best part is: you don’t have to spend all that time and paper writing them down! Create flashcards or search Quizlet’s flashcard database. You can practice them online or download them to your personal computer. Studying just got way easier.

  • TellUs blog

    Hear about other students’ study abroad experiences when they return to WU, their insights and suggestions.

  • VoiceThread

    VoiceThread is a tool that allows you to upload images and videos, comment in various ways, and share with your friends. Create an autobiography, post pictures of your life in America, and send it to your host family ahead of time so they get to know you! Use it, define it, make it yours.

  • Would you like some help with these resources?

    Check to see who's on staff and whether they specialize in the language you'll be studying while abroad. Our staff will be able to give you a personalized overview of any resources. Come on by during our hours, we're in Ford 101 at the World Languages Studio!