World Languages Online TV Sources

Watching TV, shows and programs online can be a great way to prepare yourself to encounter the typical media of the country you'll be studying in. We've put together some sites with a variety of interests for you to check out TV streaming options in the language of your choice.

Got some recommendations for us? Email us at and we'll get them posted here for other students to be able to access as well!

Teng Xun offers free, with (Chinese) commercials, episodes of Chinese-language TV.
TV5MONDE hosts an archive of news programming from France.
TV7 Bordeaux is another source for news video archives from France, slightly easier to navigate than TV5MONDE.
Russian Remote is an online collection of Russian-language films, TV series, and other videos.
Russian Fed provides a list of live streaming TV channels on a variety of topics in various locations.
Russian Internet is a site that provides links to radio stations, live-streaming TV channels, music and newspapers.
DW Akademie Media Center is an organization that engages in various media projects to promote free and independent media, particularly in developing and transition countries.
Multilingual Books is a list of online television pages, featuring a listing of internet TV streams and online video feeds to encourage practice of foreign language comprehension and cultural enrichment.

JibTV provides live streaming of hourly news, programs about a variety of subjects in life and society, as well as a selection of full-length videos.
Univision offers much of its Spanish language programming up for free with a great player similar to Hulu. (Speaking of which, Hulu has Spanish language programming as well!)
RTVE is a news site that provides streaming of live events, radio stations and podcast downloads, streaming of sitcoms, shows and series in Spain.
Squid TV:
The best guide to streaming media that broadcast from around the world.*
Browse TV stations all over the world by country.
Never underestimate the world languages represented in YouTube. Check out the language settings for YouTube, or search for videos from the desired region.