Institutional Data for Grant Proposals

Applicant Name:

Willamette University

Applicant Address:

900 State Street, OR 97301-3931

Organization Type:

Four-year, private, Methodist, selective, coeducational, residential liberal arts university composed of four schools: the undergraduate College of Liberal Arts, the College of Law, Atkinson Graduate School of Management and the Graduate School of Education.

501(c)(3) Non-profit corporation. Founded in 1842.

Date of University’s Founding:

February 1, 1842

Date of 501(c)(3):

September 12, 1935 (affirmed April 8, 2002)

Date of 501(9)(a):

November 23, 1971

Carnegie Classification:

Baccalaureate Colleges-Arts & Sciences

Authorizing Official: Signature of Institutional Representation (persons authorized to sign on behalf of Willamette University)

Steve Thorsett, President

Willamette University
Waller Hall 5th Floor
900 State Street
Salem, OR
(503) 370-6209 voice
(503) 370-6148 fax

Controller's Office:

Ken Pifer, Controller,

Office for Faculty Research and Resources:

Kendra Mingo, M.A., Director

Gatke Hall, Room 101
Willamette University
900 State Street
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 370-6617 voice

Chief Financial Office:


Federal Entity Identification Number or Tax ID Number:


DUNS Number:


Office of Postsecondary Education Identifier (OPE ID):


U.S. Congressional District:

5 (Oregon)

Oregon Senate District:


Oregon House District:


U.S. Representative:

Kurt Schrader

U.S. Senators:

Ron Wyden & Jeff Merkley

Federal-wide Assurance Approval:

FWA00014292 (reapproved 1/4/12)

IRB Registration:

IRB00006782 Willamette University IRB #1

OLAW Animal Welfare Assurance:

D17-01001 (Effective until 4/30/2021)

NSF Organization Code:


CAGE Code:


Indirect Cost (F&A) Rate:

Negotiated with:

Date of Agreement:

36.5% of Base (Base = Modified Total Direct Costs, excluding equipment, participant support) - Also see Financial Affairs Reference Documents

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

June 1, 2016 (Effective until 05/31/20)

Salary and Benefits:

Standard Fringe Benefit Rate: 29.9% of regular salary (all employees excluding student wages)

To Find More Information About Willamette:

About Willamette; Quick Facts; History of Willamette; Our Motto